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tv   Hannity  FOX News  May 16, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT

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factor. check out my interview with jon stewart tomorrow. please remember the spin stops right here, because we are definitely looking out for definitely looking out for you. closed captioning by closed captioning services, inc. >> sean: the former arkansas governor says he will not be making a run for the presidency. the question is why? mike huckabee is here to tell us. donald trump chos in the -- throws in the towel. >> i will not be running for president as much as i would like to. >> sean: who is in? who is out and who is backing who? dick morris runs down the ever changing republican field.
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>> has liberalism run amok in our schools. we are on the road to 2012 and hannity starts right here, right now. tonight the 2012 republican field is taking shape. one of the candidates leading in a number of polls, former arkansas governor how can bee announced his decision -- huckabee announced his decision. >> the past few weeks the external signs and signals and answers to many obstacles point strongly toward running. when i'm with people encouraging know run, it is easy to teal the strength of their partnership and commitment to help me to the finish line. only -- only when i was alone in quiet and reflective moments did i have not only clarity but an inner peace that exceeds human understanding. all the factors say go. but my heart says no. and that's the decision that i have made.
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>> sean: huck is not the only candidate boeing out. earlier today donald trump announced he's out of the race as well. dick morris will join me with reaction to that announcement, in a few minutes. but first are who are the republican heavyweights likely to throw their weight behind now? joining me with the answer to that former arkansas governor, mike huckabee. you look like you in a hotel room, where are you? >> i'm in a hotel in marijuana beach, florida. it is a beautiful day -- in miramar beach, florida. it is a beautiful day. you should be here. >> sean: my heart is bleeding for you, congratulations. over the past months i would ask you and i'm going back and forth, maybe you were going back and forth is there some truth to that? >> yeah, a lot of truth to
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that. a few months ago i was thinking less likely. over the last few months i had become to think this is a possibility. the polls kept showing i was leading in places where people didn't think i could, maine, new jersey, pennsylvania, outside the bible belt. not just among the social conservatives as had been the narrative that had been maybe placed on me four. in addition to the polls, there were a lot of things, 20 years ago, when i first ran for a public office, all the signs said, you're crazy. you can't win. but i did it, because in my heart i believed i should. this time it is the opposite. all signs pointing that i should. deep inside of me -- i don't expect a lot of people to understand this, i really don't. say this is a decision that was a spiritual decision. it is something, if a person is a believer if a person who believes that god does lead us
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look for answers, not within the circumstances, but you look for them in a way that is a lot clearer than all the circumstances can be. >> sean: governor, you better be careful. the liberal media will interpret that. i can see the headlines, mike huckabee said god spoke to him. >> i'll tell you this. he didn't speak to they an audible voice. it is always louder than that. i can't let the cynics and there are plenty and skeptics, let them believe whatever they want to believe that is not who i have to answer to. 100 years from now it won't matter what the skeptics and cynics think. i'm comfortable in my own skin with the decision i made. i slept well saturday night. i was at peace with the decision. it wasn't easy. it wasn't one i thought i was going to make. i believe it is right, at least for now. who knows what the future
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holds? i don't. i don't pretend i know everything that is going to happen down the road. >> sean: is the door open, a hair? i really do understand what you are saying when you talk about quiet reflective moments when we get in touch with what our values are, appreciate the gifts we have. you said you had inner clarity and peace that exceeds human understanding. has that changed -- i'm asking if you are leaving the door open a hair? >> i'm not trying to say, oh there's a chance i will revisit this in july. if it revisits me and it may be four years from now, eight years from now and it may be never. i don't ever want to say never. i think is a foolish position. then you have to come back and explain. there's no explaining. my decision is clear, firm. i'm not sitting around thinking is there another way in. i'm out. simple as that. i have a lot other things.
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i'm going to be working very hard to try to get 60 republicans in the senate. i'm going to be working very hard to see more people take the governorships at state houses. to see more members of congress who are conservative and pro-life. i'm not done with politics. and i'm not done with wanting to influence the discussion, help frame the issues. you don't have to be a candidate to do that. >> sean: is there any of the candidates that are in now -- for example john huntsman is being talked about, he might jump in. mitch daniels might jump in. will you endorse -- is there anybody that you look at and say i would really want to get behind that person? >> sean, it is early for me to decide on an endorsement. as i look at the field, a get something dick morris has said on your show. all this talk about the republicans having a weak field is nonsense.
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john huntsman is a strong potential candidate. mitt romney is a strong candidate. newt gingrich is a strong candidate. so is tim pawlenty, so is michelle bachmann, so is sarah palin. so is rick santorum who i an did for his convictions. we have a lot of good people out there. herman cain. for us to say there is no one here that will carey the banner. all of those guys i just mentioned, probably some i haven't, daniels included, any one would be better than barack obama for another four years that's what i'm certain of. whoever the ran nominee is, i think it will be one of those folks i may have mentioned. i'm going to do everything i can to see they are the next occupant of the white house. >> sean: a lot of questions were raised, after you made your announcement, donald trump came up, somewhere asking did governor huckabee know or tell donald trump about what your decision was?
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>> no. the little piece we did at the end of the announcement the other night was fun. donald trump on friday taped two versions. one that i was running and one i wasn't. he didn't know until he and his wife were watching saturday night. i got a call from donald he said he was watching and waiting and thinking. any way he was very nice about it. then of course, he made his announcement. he didn't know. my executive producer didn't know. my staff didn't know. >> sean: i didn't know, you didn't tell me. >> only roger ails knew and he had to know. he told me if i did aren't we were not only to keep doing the show during the campaign but if i won i would keep doing the show from the white house. so all this talk about fox pressuring me that wasn't happening. >> sean: fair enough. governor we appreciate your time. can i have the other trump announcement? can we air that here? >> it would be fun.
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it is interesting. since nobody will see it, maybe we should do that. >> sean: we'll air it tomorrow night right here. governor, thanks for being with us. >> coming up, dick morris reacts to governor huckabee's big announcement. as well as trump not running. who is likely to begin the support of their followers. that and more coming up. the new blackberry playbook. it runs all this at the same time. why can't every tablet do that?
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>> sean: mike huckabee is not the only big named republican to opt-out of the race. donald trump has chosen not to challenge the anointed one either. >> i've decided we are going to continue on ward with celebrity apprentice. we are going to continue to making lots and lots of money for charity. i will not be running for president, as much as which would like to. [ applause ] >> i want to thank everybody very much. >> sean: with huckabee and trump out the gop field is growing. newt gingrich, ron paul, herman cain. a lot of attention is being paid to indiana governor daniels said to be mulling a run. according to cbs news if daniels is in it is likely he would have the support of christie, walker and jeb bush. here to help us breakdown the latest 2012 news is dick
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morris. he and his wife co-author of "new york times" best seller "revolt." how are you? >> good. >> sean: your video is on the website? >> starting tomorrow. i a video each day on each republican candidates. i have seven in a row. i was going to do nine. >> sean: we got some entering, some exiting. the big news is trump and huckabee out. how does this impact the field? >> my polling showed romney at 22, huckabee 20, trump 15, gingrich 11. the second and third candidates pulling out is a big deal. obviously, the big winner is romney. i think that he -- >> sean: why do you think romney? >> my polling shows a third of huckabee's votes go to romney. basically because they are the two best known of the field. most of trumps votes go to romney because he's a businessman and the economy and all that stuff.
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>> sean: why would huckabee's votes go to romney when they were at each other? >> it is surprising, but the poll shows that. they are the two who have been around the track. as a result, they have a certain amount of support from republicans who are used to them and know them. sean sun is that name recognition? >> it is -- kind of a sense of legitimacy, a sense of having paid their dues. that doesn't mean it will stay that way the crucial moment for gingrich is coming up on june 7th, when the first real republican debate takes place. gingrich, i think can knock it out of the park. that could be a tremendous asset to his candidacy. daniels could be a strong contender. i think the persona could shake-up this field is michelle -- michelle bachmann. the evangelicals and tea party people are 70% the same people. with huckabee out of race and palin perhaps not running,
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bachmann really has the capacity to roll up a lot of that vote. >> sean: can she get the independents? >> i think she can. i think her base -- it is not a left-right base, it is up-down thing. she is the grassroots small businessman individual person. whereas, the more establishment people chamber of commerce types might be for daniels. either one would be very good. you can't count newt out as long as there are debates. he could just absolutely blow it apart. >> sean: i've never seen a field this wide open. interesting how the media spins this as some type of weakness. if you look at 90% of the issues independent energy, entitlements, i think the republicans are offering a distinct vision for the country versus what president obama has offered and would continue to offer. >> i believe any of these four candidates could defeat obama i think romney can.
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he looks presidential. he acts presidential. i think the health care thing will hurt him. i think he's seen as the guy who can create jobs and help the economy. daniels' record in indiana is extraordinary. he's done everything right. i think there's a real sense of substance there. >> sean: the interesting thing about daniels -- >> i think bachmann is the charismatic candidate. she can blow the race out. >> sean: you think sarah palin gets in? >> no, i think with bachmann in i don't think there is running room. >> sean: we talked about how the media died in 2008. i've been predicting all the republican candidates will face a of nay then senator barack obama never faced in 2008. we tried to fill that void here on this program this is david gregory, "meet the press" going after newt gingrich this weekend. >> you gave a speech in
9:18 pm
georgia, with language a lot of people could think could be coded racially tinged, calling the first black president a food stamp president. what did you mean and what was the point? >> that is bizarre. this kind of automatic reference to racism, this is the president of the united states. the president of the united states has to be held accountable. what i said is true. 47 million americans are on food stamps. one out of every six americans is on food stamps to hide behind a charge of racism. i have never said anything about president obama which is racist. >> sean: coded racially tinged language. there are 47 million americans on food stamps. >> obama has expanded it by 14 million. to call him the food stamp president makes sense. gingrich told me he saw the emblem of the republican party being the paycheck. and the emblem of the democratic party being the
9:19 pm
food stamp book. that makes sense. >> sean: he got into a little controversy as i relates to his comment about right wing social engineering. he said i think they should have a conversation on the issues of medicare, rather than put themselves in a position to be demagogued. he was asked whether he supports a mandate, he said no. the states can decide. did he get himself into trouble with these two issues or will it pass? >> i agree with him on both of them. i wrote in "revolt" with my wife, that medicare could be the death of the republican party. i said how many tombstones do you need? you have hillary care, gingrich government shutdown, pelosi and now they may have another tombstone. we are probably going to lose that house race in buffalo over this why the republican party wants to vote for a cut in medicare in 10 years and
9:20 pm
wants to lose elections for the next 10 years over that is crazy. >> sean: if we really care about the deficit they have to deal with this. >> in the next 10 years. medicare did not cause this deficit. medicare went up by 16% in two years and defense spending by left sprepbz, social security by 12. medicaid went up by 54. food stamps by 60. that's where the expansion has come. i think gingrich is right. >> sean: with donald trump and mike huckabee out of the running the gop field is starting to take shape. there are still some wild cards out there. much more analysis. bob beckel is in the house. he and you are going at it tonight, straight ahead. e place that makes it easy to buy a new laptop. ♪ oret one fixed. ♪ with highly trained tech experts,
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>> sean: welcome back. with donald trump and mike huckabee not throwing their hats into the ring, what does it mean for the other gop hopefuls? we asked doug schoen and andrea tantaros. you like trump? >> i do. i think he has the guts to say the things that the others haven't. i hope they follow suit.
9:25 pm
he talks about china, opec. and he's entertaining. it is funny how he dumped the mainstream media, go trump. >> sean: i hope there's a lesson learned by all the candidates. fight. i think he did make one mistake using the if word inqj vegas. -- using the f-word in vegas. >> first he was a stone cold loser, exposed, dropped in the polls, he's out. now newt is fighting with paul. ryan. we have chaos on the republican side. as a democrat, and though -- [ talking over each other ] >> there was dem on dem violence in 2007 and 2008. there is always disarray. >> sean: remember bill clinton said they played the race card on me. they planned on from the beginning. it was getting contentious.
9:26 pm
here's the problem with your argument. how does president obama come 9% unemployment, overcome inflation now kicking in, record debt and deficits, broken promise after broken promise? >> first, the economy slowly is picking up. he'soing to aren't a tough negative campaign and -- to run a tough negative campaign. and say he got america out of a hole -- >> sean: how does he make that argument? >> given the unpopularity of things like paul ryan's plan you will hear about the evisceration of medicare and medicaid, scare tactics -- >> sean: americans want paul ryan's plan. >> look at his popularity on issues like obama care, stimulus, very unpopular. today the "wall street journal" said a worker is 1/3 less likely to find employment than in 2006. when we were in the throes of the recession that is abysmal news for this president.
9:27 pm
>> sean: 84% of college grads are moving back with their parents. >> they are obama's base. >> republicans have no narrative, no argument. they should listen to you about a coherent economic plan for america. >> sean: i've interviewed them all. they are all talking about cutting taxes, ending the burden rock . they are all talking about drilling. -- talking about a stronger national security policy. smaller government, constitutional government and getting rid of this debt. >> and none have a to balance the budget in a reasonable and responsible way that's irresponsible. >> democrats won't even come to the table to talk about balancing the budget. >> there's the bowles-simpson plan. 11 out of 18 votes, barack obama should be for it. >> sean: but he wasn't. it was his debt -- let me ask, i didn't like david gregory's question when he was asking newt gingrich about the coded
9:28 pm
racially tinged language, when newt said, you know, the bottom line is, 47 million americans on food stamps under president obama's watch. interpret that for me. >> i will. david gregory is plain wrong. i think newt has been all over the happen politically. newt is no racist. he's an honest, descent politician who by his own acknowledgement, lacks discipline. the question was out-of-bounds and wrong. >> sean: they played a lot of gotcha they never played with president obama. >> if newt set himself on fire going after paul ryan, he's done, forget it, krauthammer said it and i agree. >> sean: it is too early. >> if this is the best that the mainstream media can do because they don't have anything to defend their hopeful, barack obama they are going to ride shotgun. if the best they can do is playing the race card, i feel
9:29 pm
better with this gop field. >> sean: if doug is right and the president going to go negative and run against george bush again. he can't run on his record, because he doesn't have anything -- especially on the economy -- that he can run on this is going to be a comparative election. is there any one or two people you are afraid of that you would think would win for the republicans? >> i'm worried about the new faces. michelle bachmann, tim pawlenty, mitch daniels, john huntsman. talks straight, honest with the american people, has the capacity to shake this race up. >> i think the front-runner has yet to emerge. i think santorum benefits, he's the dark horse. i think he won that fox debate in south carolina. i think he benefits in iowa from the huckabee voters. i think bachmann, palin if they decide to get in -- >> sean: new ballgame. >> this is way open, too early to call.
9:30 pm
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>> sean: he's starting in already. you are starting in already beckel. tonight on our great, great american panel all i need say is beckel is here. he is also a fox news contributor author of "god wants you happy" father jonathan morris is here. she is chief executive officer of concerned women for america, penny nance is back. you have been on me all night over the 2012 stuff. i'll let you have the first go. >> what i said was, i thought -- first of all donald trump getting out means nothing he was a joke to begin with. >> sean: we go the birth certificate, didn't we?
9:35 pm
iowa. that was a strong base evangelical christians and the right to life movement, stronger in iowa and most political. caucuses in iowa they are dominated by that group. huckabee does have a strong base there. who wins from all that? right to life, he's been strong on that. i don't see anybody else picking up that piece of it. >> sean: become man? >> maybe bachmann. you are going to give the home field advantage to romney in new hampshire now that he's moved there. iowa is going to be a bigger deal many new hampshire is going to be looked upon as his state to win if he loses it he's out any way. another southern and christian state south carolina, that base of the republican party going to have a lot to say about this. >> sean: father, would you support somebody who is not
9:36 pm
pro-life? >> for president of the united states of america? no. i wouldn't trust his judgment. i wouldn't trust that he would actually make decisions based on right reason. it is not a question of because he's not christian. it is because he doesn't use the god given gift of reason to say, human life begins at conception and therefore, we must respect it. i wouldn't trust his judgment. >> the seminole human rights issue of our time if you do not have compassion for the unborn, how are you going to have compassion for the rest of us? the weak among us deserves our compassion. if you don't see the world in the right world view we cannot support -- >> sean: where do you stan on the field as it is still evolving? >> it is. there are good front-runners, i agree rick santorum is a man
9:37 pm
of principle, pro-life. tim pawlenty also pro-life, michelle bachmann 100% right on conservative issues there. are some good candidates out there. there are others that are confused. >> president obama is the christian -- >> that's a given against this crowd it is -- [ talking over each other ] >> let me make one point. this nomination will not revolve around the abortion issue, it is not as strong as it was before. [ talking over each other ] >> it is not going to be as big as it was. right now the way you beat barack obama is if the economy is in miserable shape come election day. you have to focus on the economy. >> sean: is the economy now in miserable shape? >> no, i think it is getting much, much better. manufacturing 273,000 new
9:38 pm
jobs. [ talking over each other ] >> i argued this for a year we bailed out the auto companies and saved two of the great american industries. >> sean: and five trillion in debt that our kids have to pay back. [ talking over each other ] >> sean: i think wisconsin is up for grabs, minnesota up for grabs. >> it depends on whom you nomination. >> sean: anyone father you like as you look at the field or somebody would you like to see get in? >> what i see now in our country, there's a recognition that the economic issue, which is going to be huge, is also a moral issue. it is also an ethical issue. leaving huge debt for our children and grandchildren is not acceptable. therefore, it joins these social issues. i think that is a very good thing. i don't know who going to be able to do it. someone is going to step up and say, protecting human life,
9:39 pm
and -- [ talking over each other ] >> with all due respect that was an interesting line you just came through with. if i were you i would stick to the pulpit. it was an interesting idea. >> that's not right! [ talking over each other ] >> i think it is one of the great scams perpetrated on the american people. when you -- >> not a moral issue, unbelievable. >> specifically, when you woke up this morning what was it about 14 trillion that hurt you personally? >> that other people are going to suffer. >> i'm asking you a specific question. in your economic life this morning, when you woke up did that four trillion matter to you one way or another? >> it is the life of other people. who are going to be coming up and saying i cannot survive --
9:40 pm
>> sean: we have to take a break. see what i deal with every week? through prayer and fasting, thanks to him. by the way, greta welcome back. i know you had a great trip. >> greta: it was a wild trip. we have more about it tonight. north korea is some place like no other. is the best way i can describe it. >> sean: i can tell you were being monitored. i wrote you an e-mail in code. >> greta: they have people standing next to you taking notes. we acknowledge that and that's par of the deal and the viewers know that. interesting. we have more, we have the latest on donald trump. plus a carl cameron e-mail about politics that i want to talk about with rick klein. we have a lot going on. you will watch, right? >> sean: absolutely. greta in 20 minutes. we continue more with our great, great american panel.
9:41 pm
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>> sean: you never stop talking even during the break. talk, talk, talk. we got a tape from "saturday night live" this is how they predict that president obama is gonna run for his reelection. >> killed bin laden. me barack hussein obama. that's right i'm not heading anything any more. i'm not going to say obamacare. i'm going to say guy who killed bin laden care. yeah. where are the jobs? i got a job opening, al-qaeda number one, now accepting applications. one more, thank you. now, people want to see a picture. osama bin laden. we don't spike the football. but we can do a little touchdown dance.
9:46 pm
remember the shuffle? >> sean: pretty funny. >> it was funny. i appreciated that. i agree. i think from now on, people talk about there's loss of jobs. by the way, did you know we killed osama bin laden? they did the right thing. i give them an a+ for it. sent the man to find his 72 virgins, good riddance. >> the democrats always re -- always accused of being week on foreign policy, now the republicans are saying let's get out of afghanistan. >> sean: i don't support that. -- [ talking over each other ] >> sean: why can't democrats acknowledge the simple truth without enhanced interrogations, black sites and the bush policies, this wouldn't have happened? >> because there is no truth to that. >> sean: do you have a problem killing bin laden? >> i have a problem with torture. i do not have a problem with
9:47 pm
stopping aggressor. that's what we did with bin laden and we should rejoice that evil has been stopped. >> sean: you are glad we killed him? >> i'm happy we stopped an aggressor named bin laden. i'm not going to celebrate the -- the point we have to kill each other to stop aggression there is a difference. >> sean: i'm not trying to put you on the spot, because we are friends. >> you have no problem putting me the spot. >> sean: i'm putting you on the spot. was it morally wrong in your mind? the catholic church is against the death penalty. >> the only way to stop bin laden under those circumstances was to kill him. [ talking over each other ] >> he died on the battlefield as he should have. the seals did a great job. i disagree, waterboarding is not torture.
9:48 pm
i completely disagree. [ talking over each other ] >> intelligence had nothing to do -- >> sean: that's not true. [ talking over each other ] >> sean: here's my point, first to father morris. if you are in a parking lot and you have three kids, -- two kids under your care and three guys abduct those two kids and you grab one and the other two takeoff with the two kids and that you have one guy there and you can get the information about where they took the kids would you not use every means necessary to get that information? i would do everything necessary to get that information. >> the answer to your question, i would never do something evil in order to attain a positive good. that said, when there is an aggressor like osama bin laden who is going to kill -- going to cause all sorts of harm, i
9:49 pm
will use whatever necessary means to stop that guy. >> sean: penny last word. >> professional interrogators will tell you that testimony you gather through torture -- >> even the democrats have agreed we got some of that information rendered through waterboarding and other techniques. it had to be done. >> sean: we are out of time. good to see you. your teacher said what? new book about liberalism run amok in our schools. shocking details from the classroom, straight ahead. ♪ [ male announcer ] every day thousands of people are switching from tylenol® to advil here's one story. my name is tanya and i am from chicago. i'm a mom of 3 daughters. pan can really put a kink in my day and i turn into grouchy mommy. i used to take tylenol and now i take advil and i like it.
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>> sean: it is taking place within our own educational system. capital. under attack. the so-called truths about unions and fair trade. many kids are learning the opposite gów2h what their pares are trying to teach at home. after hearing what his 10-year-old daughter was learning at school cnbc anchor joe concern anyone decided he enough. joining me the co-authors of the new book, your teacher said what? joe kernen and his fifth grade
9:54 pm
daughter blake. hi! >> hello. >> sean: good to see you. i'm a fan. honor to have you here. >> feeling is mutual. the way you read the title, if i need voice-over work are you -- >> sean: we are in the business. >> the question mark and exclamation point, i heard it all. >> sean: beautiful. this is phenomenal, the way in book came about. i'm going to ask your dad i'm going to ask you. you contributed so much to this book. >> thank you, my dad did a lot of it. i love him he's great. >> i love you too. >> sean: this is priceless. where are my kids when i need them. you hear what your kids are learning at school. you set out to have this mission with your daughter explain, it is a great idea. >> in is the way it happen. after the financial crisis, i think capitalism started getting a bad rap, it always does. it happened in the 30s. when there's a problem, you
9:55 pm
start questioning the system instead of looking at what happened. i was ready to see anti-capitalists behind every tree and under every rock. she would come home, it didn't take much to set me off. she has great teachers. she learns a lot and in the acknowledgements you will see, she says we would like to tweak the free market teaching but we don't have a problem with the overall education. with that said, what do you say to a little girl, i ask you ever her the term the american way? and she will tell me no, but i know what tenure is. she will tell me what tenure is and how it works and it is necessary and it rewards teachers and keeps me from -- what was it blake? >> keeps teachers safe from losing their jobs from unimportant -- >> sean: you are learning this at 9-years-old? >> that's when it started. >> sean: you set out on a mission the two of you. why didn't you pick it up from
9:56 pm
here. how did this come about the idea that you and your dad had that you are going to read the new york time editorial, "wall street journal" editorials and you were gonna learn these principles? >> i'm really a sounding board for my dad. i started telling him the things, he started asking me the things that i heard in school about capitalism and the free market. i told him exactly what i heard. and he started -- >> sean: getting mad? >> i wouldn't say getting mad, questioning what i heard. he said why don't you look through these two numbers. i did and saw there were huge differences. >> if you read the "wall street journal" editorial pages compared to "new york times", up is down, in one it is up, the other it is down. it is 180°, you can't believe you are talking the same subject half the time.
9:57 pm
>> sean: true. >> we decided that as far as truth goes, it is the "wall street journal". i'm not sure what the motivation is behind a lot of liberal rhetoric. -- i think some of it has to do with never having had an economic -- there was a study done if you had an economic source -- >> sean: the values that we instill in our children are contradicted by teachers that think they know better. what did you learn, i'm curious, because you are an incredibly bright young lady. what learn about capitalism? >> the most important thing i've learned is that a lot of the things we take for granted like for example the lights that are lights up this room or, i know the cameras that are taping us, we take for granted. but they all came from
9:58 pm
capitalism. and capitalism is not bad. capitalism is good. >> sean: you learned this through going through a lot of topics with your dad. i know somebody asked this question, you gave a perfect answer. i know you play tennis and sports. and you like school and you are very smart. would you have rather been doing some of these other activities? >> i love learning new things. and i love doing everything with my dad. >> sean: priceless. we didn't prepare this answer? >> no. i'm kind of an old father. i'm in that grey area between father and grandfather. we spend a lot of our time -- >> i'm 11, i can't have -- >> i know but 55 minus 11 is 44. you appreciate it later in life. sounds like i'm on the down swing. we spend a lot of time with our children.
9:59 pm
>> sean: when you get older would you like to go into business as a result of what you have learned? some people think that people are exploiting the environment for profit, profit is used as a very negative term. you've learned that is not the case. do you know what you want to do when you get older? >> i love the environment. but i also know that business is a very good thing. what i really love doing, as a hobby, but i would love to continue when i'm older, i love wildlife photography. photography in general. >> sean: ever think about going on tv? i think you are a natural. >> thank you. you too. [ laughing ] >> sean: you think i got a future in this business? >> you are in this business. >> sean: i know i think you just saved me and i appreciate that. you are a young lady. i appreciate you coming. i'm a big fan of yours.


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